Men’s Health

The team at Total Care Clinics specializes in balancing hormones, provide significant expertise in testosterone therapy, and they provide unique evaluation and treatments for growth hormone support. All of this is done for the support of both normal daily activities AND for hard-core physical training (including treatments for both amateur and professional athletes). We address issues with fatigue by focusing on adrenal issues… which are often overlooked; we evaluate and manage cortisol and how it interacts with all other hormones; and we can evaluate neurotransmitters for mood support and work to blend the natural and medical management of anxiety and depression. The end goal of each of these treatments and therapies is impacting the quality of life for every patient in every phase of life.

More about Growth Hormones: The Impact of Sermorelin – Growth Hormone is critical in maintaining youthfulness and health in our bodies. Secretion of Growth Hormone from the pituitary in the brain declines similarly to Testosterone and Estrogen as you age. Fortunately the brain is still able to produce Growth Hormone during the entire lifespan. Using Sermorelin and Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide we can help your body produce and secrete normal levels of your own Growth Hormone! This translates to better fat metabolism, lean muscle growth, skin and hair health, and sleep patterns. Growth Hormone levels can be evaluated during you interview and routine labs.If you are feeling a change in your regular energy and activities, or just want to get a jump start on staying healthy, call use for a consult and we will determine if hormone testing will be helpful for you.